Humidity, You Know

Miao. The weather has been so bizarre lately. Hot and humid one day, sprinkling another, sunny as hell, then cloudy but hot. But mostly hot and humid. I'm such a wiener when it comes to hot and humid weather. Blah. My hair just doesn't like to cooperate during times like these and I always end up really close to cutting all of my hair off. But I know better now, because I always do that and then in the fall I'm crying because I don't have long hair! It takes me foreverrrrr to grow my hair out so this year I'm gonna try my hardest to restrain myself. Probably have D hide all the scissors we own too, for extra prevention. Lol. 

Urban Outfitters had a sale recently and I wasn't really expecting to buy anything but this crochet top definitely grabbed my attention and for $20 I had to have it!

dress: thrifted, crochet top: urban outfitters, sandals: saltwater via stride rite, sunglasses: cheap monday, jewelry: erica weiner

If you guys hadn't already noticed, I'm the biggest Erica Weiner fangirl. I love all of her jewelry and rep her constantly. All of her jewelry pieces are so incredibly beautiful it's really hard to refrain from going super broke on her site. Like seriously, just take all of my money, I want all the pretty things! 

This wrong angle necklace is one of the latest purchases I made on the E.W. website and it's become one of my go-to necklaces recently. I love the simplicity of this necklace and it's really fun to play with, lol. 

As for this directions bracelet, I want to wear it every single day! But it's so ridiculously delicate and i would be forever sad if i lost it. This bracelet had to get replaced because the first one i bought broke on me on my first day of wear. It was so crazy. I thought i had lost it but thankfully when i got home i found it in the kitchen, the chain had snapped off. I emailed the good people at Erica Weiner and they sent me a replacement. Their customer service is top notch, and i would know, i've dealt with them several times haha. I really want to buy the other bracelets with the crazy lace agate and the rhodonite stones. SO PRETTY!

And i'm because i'm seriously psycho, this knot ring is also from erica weiner. You thought i was kidding about my fangirl-dom weren't you? Hah

This book was amazing by the way, different post for that though, coming soon!


  1. love this outfit pairing, you look beautiful!

  2. omg marlen! you ALWAYS make me laugh haha <3
    & yeah omg it's so bad, my fangirl-dom for erica weiner is too intense.