Bauhaus Print

Remember that time I mentioned I bought a pair of those crazy print "casual" pants? These are the pants! They're ridiculously comfortable--i want to wear them every day! They were on super sale and I'm glad, otherwise I would have never even thought about giving them a chance. Also, they were called "bauhaus" print naturally, i was more inclined to purchase them. Lol. isn't that silly? like secret marketing. those copywriters man, they know what they're doing. 

Pants: threadsence (last ones!), top: target, boots: dolce vita (via macys), rings: erica weiner & thrifted, key necklace: jens lekman merch, bat necklace: moon raven designs, lip color: nars in scarlet empress
Ummm, I love bats. I know it's weird but i just think they're so cute! The folks over at moon raven designs make amazing jewelry and I have been dying to have more of their pieces. For example this little number just killlllssss meeeee. 
I got this key necklace at a Jens Lekman show a few years ago and It's seriously one of my favorite necklaces.  So i just tell everyone that i have the key to Jens Lekman's heart. hahaha. his name is written on the side...but you can't really see it. I wish more artists/bands sold more interesting merch like this. A tee shirt or a tote bag is great and all but sometimes a little surprise like this is pretty neat.

I don't know if you can see the color but I'm super loving this nail polish color from nailtini. It's like this orange/red and it's so bright and summery. I have a knack for liking nail polish colors that are completely inappropriate for my skin tone but whatever, I like this color regardless! This polish came in my ipsy bag for july and I have to admit I'm so glad my last bag was at least somewhat decent. You read that correctly, my last bag. It just wasn't working out. Out of the ten months I've been a subscriber I've only enjoyed two bags to the fullest. Every other bag I would only find one sample I liked and my sister would reap the benefits with the rest of the samples and the bag itself. Mreh. No qualms about cancelling, at least now I can have netflix again with that money. Haha

After D took these pictures for me, we headed over to the Segerstrom lawn for their outdoor showing of Mulan. I was super stoked--i mean, Mulan was only like my favorite movie when I was ten, buuuuuuut, we didn't stay for the screening after all. There were waaaaaayyy too many kiddies (I don't know what we were expecting) and D got uber creeped out so we had to bounce. But it was for the best really, the "lawn" was on concrete and we only brought a blanket to sit on which would've been way too uncomfortable for an hour and 28 minutes of sitting. We went to 25 degrees in Huntington Beach for some delicious burger time instead. No complaints here! We're gonna try to make the next screening, they'll be playing Phantom of the Opera, so hopefully not that many kiddies and we'll be prepared with beach chairs.  Fingers crossed!


  1. They do look really comfy, but I bet you are one of the few people that look good in them. I love your bat necklace.

    Quenby Sheree

    1. i think its just a matter of choosing a flattering print! some prints are way out there haha. & thanks it's one of my favorite gifts i've ever received!

  2. Seriously super cute pants. Yay for us for scoring such sweet deals!