OAK Life

I know. I know, you've seen this dress already! And it was almost styled the same way! So sue me! I like to wear similar outfits sometimes, okay? Okay. Now that we got that out of the way I really have to admit that i'm obsessed with tying button ups and sweaters around my waist--it just gives so much depth to an outfit.  But you already knew that. I'm full of repetitions today. whateverrrrrr.

Since you've already seen the details of this dress, let's just ignore it and move on to other things. Like this O.A.K. Apparel Co. snapback for example:

Homeboy Ernie O. started O.A.K. back in 2006 and he's going strong. I can't wait to see what new things he's thought up for fall. I love the O on this hat--i know it's silly but it makes me think of a quail bird? do you know what i mean? ahh, i'm crazy i know. I can't help but love snapbacks, they just remind me of my childhood. However, I will admit, they get me in a lot of trouble. I just don't understand why every time i wear a backwards baseball cap someone will be rude to be, or they will get crazy with me. Just because i look like a hoodlum doesn't mean i am one! I just don't get it. I'm never disrespectful to strangers and i try to never judge anyone off the bat, but in turn i always get discriminated against because of my clothes and my hair (and probably my permanent bitchface). When will it be enough to just be myself?
Seriousness aside, can you see my hamburger necklace? My twinsie gave it to me for my birthday this past year. A baby burger for a burger grrrl. I just. I LOVE HAMBURGERS. Burger time is my favorite time! Two of my favorite things in one: necklaces and burgers. Ah, my twinsie knows me well. I'm not exactly sure where she got it from--but i think it was an etsy shop. I'll ask her sometime and update this whenever i find out the deets.

And while we're on the subject of quirky things, check out this suuuuper cute baby tote i got at Daiso:
I know, i'm a third grader. But seriously, how could i NOT get it? It was only $1.50! And i use it alllll the time. Whenever i have to bring a lunch to work i bring it in this little tote. Or i drag around my books & nookHD since usually my camera is in my purse. I need to buy those camera dividers for Kanen backpacks so i can use my yellow backpack more often. Side note: Daiso is the best store ever. So many trinkets and what nots that are ridiculously cute and super cheap. Japanese stores foreverrrr. It's seriously like disneyland. For me anyway. Hahah.

Anyway, sorry for the semi-repeated outfit. I can't help it! This is my favorite dress ever!

boots: thrifted (timberland)
denim jacket: thrifted (ann taylor)
glasses: derek cardigan via coastal
rings: erica weiner & thrifted
button-up shirt: liberty of london for target
dress: unknown, fashion gal boutique (lol)


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love a good jean jacket! I'm actually trying to find a smaller cropped one right now that'll look good with fit and flare dresses, because the more comfortable fitting one I have now looks frumpy with that style. I absolutely love your yellow cat tote! What an amazing find!


    1. i know! i got so lucky with this find! i love it because it's just the right length for me and it's tailored on the back for a nice girl fit. good luck finding what you're looking for!