Snapback Summer

I love stealing D's hats and wearing them all the time. Snapbacks were my favorite when I was kid. I loved pulling the snap and then hearing the click when you put it back in place. All of my dad's hats were snapbacks so I had plenty of fun doing that all throughout my childhood. haha. 

This is my favorite dress EVER. I bought it on a whim several years back when I was going to the grocery store and found that next door there was a little boutique called "Fashion Gal". Super generic but there were plenty of gems there. Anyway, not until after college (since two years ago) have I been brave enough to wear it as is. I used to always wear a tee shirt under the dress just because I was so self conscious of bare arms. I just don't have the energy to care that much anymore quite frankly. And honestly, it feels so much better not to care. I mean, in this heat, it's the best thing, did you get a look at that back cutout? So good for real hot days. 


Serving up some grunge girl realness.

Sunglasses // Ray-Ban "Meteor"
Heeled Boots // Doc Marten's "Clemency" Boots
Men's Chambray Button Up // H&M
Sleeveless Dress // ? Fashion Gal
Lakers Adidas Snapback // from D (but I think he got it on amazon)
Mimi the Cat Necklace // Ruche


  1. Cute outfit! Loving your Docs

    1. thank you jessica! the docs are suuuper comfy!

  2. Cool look! Loving the hair and the boots! :)