Trend Spotting: The Casual Pant

Do you ever find yourself hating really hard on a trend and then out of curiosity you try it and then realize that you've been such a fool because it's actually a super comfortable and awesome trend? Yeah. That just happened to me. I really disliked that "casual pants" trend but then i found a pair with a really cool pattern AND they were on super sale so why not right? Then I wore them to work and I was completely convinced! Super comfortable and super easy to dress up if you're worried about looking way too casual in the workplace--although, you shouldn't worry since wearing pajamas out is de rigueur nowadays. Anyway, now that I'm convinced I want to only wear chill pants like this alllll dayyyy errrrr dayyyyy! If i had the dough, here are some pretty good options:
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  1. Thanks Marlen! The pair I bought is suuuuper comfortable! I'm a believer now! I'll have to post a photo sometime

  2. I love the pants, but I cant embrace them myself. I end up looking like a cross between Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and a girl who forgot to get dressed!

  3. hahaha, princess jasmine! i totally know how you feel! i think it's really important that you find some pants with a print that makes you feel comfortable. if you dont want to seem put together wearing them with heeled booties or some heels might help you dress them up?