Window Shopping: J. Crew Jellyfish

You guys. I love creative displays. Usually I don't even look at what's on display at stores because I prefer to style my own outfits, but when I do look it's usually because there's some impressive artistic element to the window display design.  As you would guess, usually the winner in this category are all Anthropologie stores but this past week D and I went for a quick stroll at the mall and came across this display at J.Crew:
 Paper jellyfish! At first glance I thought it was wax paper that they used, but after some close inspection I'm gonna have to make an educated guess and say it's actually vellum. Expensive little art project eh? But don't worry, I'm sure you could use wax paper to attempt recreating these jellyfish. 
One of these days I'll give it a go, I have sheets of vellum leftover from drafting class that I certainly won't be using anymore. Will let you know if that pans out!

Leeds out!


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