Lookin' Back: July 2013

I feel like i say this every month, but seriously, where did the time go? It feels like i blinked and July was over--just like that! It's so crazy! This month was probably such a blur to me since i spent most of it reading. Nothing quite like living in la la land to help you forget those unpleasant situations. Sigh. But let's see the recap here:

  • we ate a ton of asparagus. lol. my sister brought a box full of asparagus bunches to my parents house and neither one of my parents like asparagus so i gladly took it home with me. it did stress me out a little though, like how many ways can i reinvent an asparagus dish!? haha. i did want to make an asparagus tart that i saw in one of those martha stewart cookbooks but i didn't have time for it. sad,  i know. so i ended up pairing a lot of dinners with peppered asparagus. my favorite was eating it as a snack--cooking it in some olive oil and (tons) of pepper and serving it with some lime and proscuitto and avocado slices. and i know you wanna ask about the pee...i can't smell it so i dunno what ya'll are talking about.  ahahhahahaha

  • we had a very nice and quiet fourth of July. we made bacon wrapped hot dogs and finally perfected those garlic potato wedges. (i'll have to repost that with updates sometime). i did miss seeing my nieces and nephew though. i'm afraid they'll just all grow up and i'll have missed out on their youth. my aim is to be a good aunt like mine was, but i'm proving to not be such a good one. sigh.

  • as i mentioned, i spent most of my month reading. i read a friend's play and helped him edit the spanish he was using, tried to catch up on magazine articles, and obviously i read some novels. I came across this beautiful book entitled LoterĂ­a by Mario Alberto Zambrano at work, and i have to say it was quite something. it really was unlike anything i have read, and i've read a lot of books. I'll be honest i originally purchased it because the cover was so beautiful i didn't care if the story was bad. good thing though that it was awesome. i want to dedicate a post solely for the book itself so i will leave it at this.

  • i sadly had to part ways with my companion, the d1rty m4nt4 r4y. it's been really hard to deal with not having a car, but also in many ways it has been liberating. okay who am i kidding, it's really effing hard! i'm really lucky though that D is willing to share his car with me. Not going to lie, organizing our schedules has been a major pain in the butt. I've also had to lessen my availability at work to just the weekends, which in the end leaves me with a petty paycheck. it's okay. not to worry. there's lots to worry about given this situation, but i'm choosing not to.  i'm trying to stay positive although it's been ridiculously hard. i'm crossing my fingers so hard that my internship will hire me because aside from really enjoying my time there, in real terms, i NEED a job. so send me your positive vibes everyone!

  • the day we had to give up the m4nt4 r4y D took me to Vinaka Cafe in Oceanside for a pick me up. they have the best banana splits everrrrrrr. i mean, since we were already in the area, why not? plus i'm sure i looked like i needed a major pick me up. i mean come on guys i had to watch my car (read: freedom) be taken away from me and get vandalized right before my very eyes. D is super thoughtful, and i'm grateful, although i'm pretty sure i was being a major grump that day. sorry!

  • enough bad/sad/angry news, let me tell you about trivia nights! every wednesday Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton throws a trivia night and a few of my friends have been going for quite some time now. I had been getting invitations and i kept denying them because i had been going through some weird i-dont-feel-like-being-around-anyone type of phase, but one day just decided to go and i'm soooo glad i did. trivia nights are something i look forward to every week now! there's one tonight so i'm super stoked haha. I never get to see any of my friends anymore since they all have moved away (or really i guess i'm one who moved away too) so this is a good time to see some friends. i don't actually drink anymore (gasp! i know, i know. sorry but i can't handle alcohol anymore) but i love going because i'm very competitive and i've pretty much got any literary category in the bag. haha. the first time i went we even won first place! i got to take the home the glass since it was my first time and well, everyone else already had one haha. yay social events!

  • i spent a lot of time at the park reading where D skates. i found a new reading spot by the baseball field since there are no games going on right now and it's been really peaceful.

  • D & i got hooked on Hemlock Grove. and i have to tell you guys, it's so bad that it's good, then towards the end you realize it was good. i mean, it is what it is. i'll have a separate post for this just wait for it. i also read the book which inspired the show because i just couldnt wait for some answers. reading it simultaneously was actually pretty cool. it's the type of show that if you didn't pay attention it's good to be reading as well because it will help you figure some stuff out. it's kind of a weird thing to do i guess, but it works.

  • and lastly, it was hippie day at work this past weekend, which meant i could just wear whatever i wanted to work. haha. hippie day was really like any other day. hahaha. it's probably the costumer in me, but i really enjoy these themed dress up days at work. so. much. fun. i wish more people at work participated though but whatever!
geez, what a mouthful. haha. i hope you guys all had a pretty good July!
p.s. you can find me on Bloglovin' by the way...just sayin.... :)


  1. Great Photos! Yummy food! Great details.


  2. I am SO GLAD that Loteria book ended up being good. I'm waiting for your post on it so I can decide if I want to read it. haha Did you know Migs & my couch cushions are huge Loteria cards?

    also, good vibes for the internship into job thing. Put yourself out there as much as you can, and you'll get it.

    xx prax