Back to School with Ruche: Take Notes

you guysssss
Sorry I have been away. I haven't actually been doing anything, just chillin', staying away from the Internet. I have to catch up on blog reading, but i'll leave that for later. Sorry, dudes! I'm enjoying my time off hanging out with the boy. If you're, you know, bored and want to catch up on my adventures or silly things i encounter feel free to add me on instagram!

In the meantime, you should all head over to and look at their new lookbook: Take Notes! It's so rad. Here are my favorite outfits from it:

i love this, it has an anthro touch while still being totally Ruche! says I LOVE RUCHE on the chalkboard...SO CUTE.
this skirt is such a great color!

these pants. need these pants.
this last one is my total favorite! i have to fight the need to buy this. fight. fight. fight. oh damn, who am i kidding?!

photos shot by: Brandon Kidd
styled by: Mara Ferreira


  1. Love these looks. The mustard skirt, and the striped dress are my favourites :) I too took some time off the internet over the weekend, and it was a much needed break. I read a book! Outside! It was fantastic.

    Alex from

    1. omg i'm obsessed with the striped dress! i think i need to buy it. sometimes breaks are really good! i love reading books outside! usually when my boy and i go to the park i spend my time reading while he skates. so peaceful. what book did you read?

  2. OH MY WORD!!!! I love this shoot! I don't know what it is but as soon as you leave school its like the whole idea of it gets romanticized. I love this re-emergence of old school things that were in my childhood. LIKE JELLY SHOES! Can we take a moment to appreciate how awesome they are! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

    1. I KNOW! i just don't understand why that happens. hahaha. oh jelly shoes! my favorite as a kid. i had some baby pink ones with glitter that were my absolute favorite!