Festival Style: FYF Fest 2013

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...and the weekend of Summer everyone in LA | OC has been waiting for has finally arrived! Saturday kicks off FYF fest's 10th anniversary and it looks like some fun times. I'm going to sound like a broken record here and admit that the line-up is not really super impressive. Yes, they did manage to somehow get My Bloody Valentine but i'm just going to humble brag right now and tell you that i already saw them! and it was amazing and everything i ever dreamed it would be. so really after that, what could possibly impress me? oh my god that sounds snobby! i can't decide if this festival indifference i've been feeling is because i'm getting older (and crankier) or because i just truly have seen most of the bands on the bills. thats quite an accomplishment though, if i do say so myself. my goal of attending every big music festival at least once is still on though, come on, i have yet to make it out to Primavera, Glastonburry, Roskkilde---ONE DAY, one day. 

oh damn! i'm just realizing that one thing i forgot to add to the guides above for fyf was a bandana and/or scarf! the dust/dirt at the Los Angeles Historic Park is NO JOKE. what is a joke is calling that little piece of land a park! seriously the amount of plain old dirt is crazy. and does anyone ever visit that park other than the craft fair, HARD, or Fyf? whatever, at least we have someplace to have a little festival--i'm not complaining...entirely. haha. but yes, back to the dirt, it is very important that you protect yourself from this nasty ass dirt, because it WILL fly in your face, trust me if you gather a bunch of excited folks about to see their favorite band and they start moshing, or dancing, or what have you, that dirt will fly in your face and if you dont protect yourself, you will be blowing your nose a week after and wondering where that nasty ass dirt came from. serious, true story. and while i'm on the dirt rant, i read some article earlier in the week that was like "bring your fashion game to FYF, this isn't roskkilde, your shoes won't get messed up"...UMMMMM. YES. ACTUALLY, THEY WILL. so bring boots or sneakers you just don't give a damn about. And please, please, for the love of god, leave your heeled booties at home. 

okay okay, i'll step down from my soap box now. but just don't forget to catch Glasser if you kids go. Cameron Mesirow is amazing! just AMAZING. you will not regret it. 

leeds out!


  1. I am literally swooning over the yellow top. Mustard wins me over every time.

    Lost in the Haze

    1. YESS YESS YESSSSSS! i totally agree. contrary to popular belief, mustard yellow is my favorite color!!!