Tuneage: YACHT - Party at the NSA

YACHT has released a new song and it definitely sounds like something you've heard before (musically think: suicide mixed with relaxed muscle and a dash of elvis costello). However, this very punk move from a electro-pop band tackles something we should all be worried about and not be ridiculously indifferent about. This government surveillance (read: spying) program is something a lot of us are ignoring. Yes yes we have nothing to fear because we are obviously not up to bad things, however, this completely obliterates the purpose of privacy. does that word even exist anymore? The main problem is there should be more transparency about this whole situation. It's all very unclear and we are not given direct answers. We should be demanding answers, asking the right questions, and taking back the meaning of privacy. Yacht created a website for their song and if you download the song, all proceeds go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non profit fighting to protect our digital rights. Thanks to Yacht for tackling this very serious issue in a very Holiday In Cambodia fashion.

But wait i thought this was a fashion blog? To deviate a little from the topic at hand, i wouldn't call it a fashion blog, it's a blog, MY blog, and pretty much you will find everything on here that interests me or that i feel strongly about. Most days it will be fashion, other days recipes, book reviews what have you, but ultimately it will be about something i feel ridiculously strongly about. Now would be a good time i suppose to make it clear that At This Volume is intended to be a place for me to breathe and is a cornucopia of all my likes and dislikes,  things i encounter, whatever! everything. EVERYTHING. i acknowledge that most people prefer to find super ultra positive blogs who are always positive positive positive, but i have to admit, I AM A REAL GIRL, i encounter real every day problems. some days talking about them is my only means of letting it go and moving on, call it therapy. Some days i struggle to find positivity but i'm working on it. I don't particularly set out to be a downer, or to offend, but i cannot and will not compromise my opinions and my points of view for the fear of losing popularity. this is not intended to be a popular fashion blog, but rather is a lifestyle blog about a girl and her thoughts. after all, this is just my little piece of internet real estate, i'm allowed to do with it as i please arent i? i greatly appreciate readership, and i have to admit that most of my closest friends i have met through the blogging community, so please do not take offense to anything i say on here as i am not setting out to offend but rather get these thoughts out of my head.

I think we may spend a lot of time worrying about the popularity of our blogs and stayin on topic and trying not to offend. but the cost of that is silencing your opinions and making your blog feel dare i say, contrived? I just can't do it, and i encourage you all to be true to yourselves, as in the end, we are all real people looking for a sense of community even if it's on the internet.


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