Festival Style: Outside Lands 2013

I know i said i would update this week buuuuuuuuuut i've been lazy,  let's be real. But anywayyyy, let's talk about Outside Lands! Outside Lands kicks off today and although this year has a rather unimpressive lineup if someone had handed me tickets i would not have said no! haha. Here's what i would deem appropriate to wear to this year's Outside Lands Festival in foggy San Francisco:
Outside Lands 2013 Day 1
Outside Lands 2013 Day 2

If you couldn't tell, I'm all about comfort at festivals. I know most girls want to look super cute and they like wearing really cute things like rompers but let's be real, you're probably going to be trippin on something and then you gotta go to the bathroom. SO you're trippin and trying to get out of your romper in porta-potty. That sounds like fun! Also, heeled booties? You know you're walking on all grass right? GET REAL LADIES! You can still be cute AND dress for comfort! Think about that for your next festival. Oh and don't forget your jacket and long socks for Outside Lands, it may be August, but it gets pretty chilly! Also, a good idea to wear some shorts under your dresses, like some lycra ones help out a lot, you know, unless you WANT people to see your undies. 

Ahhhh i wish i were going only so i could hang out with my sf bestie Mark-Adrian! I think a visit is overdue. 

p.s. if you're going do NOT miss Dublin folk rockers Little Green Cars. They're not really ideal for festivals but their music is so good anyway, just go see them. I'm pretty much girl crushin' on faye so bad! 


  1. I KNOW i totally agree. another reason why coachella crowds annoy me to death. and why i feel things like that are completely out of place at outside lands. it's cold during this festival and girls just DO NOT GET IT. i just don't understand "suffer for fashion". well, maybe when wearing heels but even then, there's an appropriate time for it.

    & that orange parka is more of a really rich burnt sienna in real life and its super thin so its more like an anorak but it is amazing! i want it soooo bad.

    super glad you didnt wear a romper and have to struggle all through lolla lolololol.

  2. I love love the dress for day two! so gorgeous. :) I wish I'd gone to a festival this summer.

    1. I KNOWWWW did you see the back of it! so cuuute!!!