Nomz o' Clock: Pot Roast for Two

so you guys, i didn't end up going to FYF buuuut i did make a killer pot roast! Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, is my freakin' hero. I just LOVE her. She has the best recipes and she's hilarious. If you're into american classics like i am, you'll definitely want to check out her site if you've been living under a rock this whole time and haven't checked it out yet. I think it's the whole growing-up-mexican that's made me truly crave American dishes ALLLLLL THE TIME. whenever we go to Mimi's Cafe i always end up getting their pot roast even though i know it will be dry as hell and will never ever come close to home made pot roast. 

anyway, if you couldn't already tell, this recipe is from the Pioneer Woman and you NEED to make it. i won't repost the recipe here because you have to read the way she wrote hers--she's too funny. buuut i will tell you the ingredients list if you're making this for two. A lot of the recipes i come across are always for a big family and while D & I love having leftovers, sometimes we don't get around to them, or it's just impossible for us to heat up due to our lack of microwave and probably a mix of laziness. Last time i made this delicious pot roast we used this huge pot we bought at ikea and we ended up with a tonnn of leftovers. we had some at work the day after and still had tons leftover. then we forgot about it and the rest of the pot roast died in the fridge...if you know what i mean. so all that yummy yummy food, wasted! sigh. it's really a big problem for us so we're trying to make things that won't produce more that one day's worth of leftovers. hah

ohhhh and speaking of that giant ikea pot...we had to throw it out after some pasta died in there. it was probably the grossest thing i have ever seen/smelled. lololol. oh dear. so yeah i got this super awesome lil baby 2.75 qt cast iron casserole at macys because duh it was cheap. (and it's so cute!)

and while i will forever lust over the Le Creusets, owning those is just not possible right now. but just watch me, one day i will have them! But yeah, i figured this little casserole would be good to have since it's small...but you guys, i left it unused for over half a year. HALF A YEAR. also we've been not even cooking lately so that's probably why. anyway so it just felt like i should use it for pot roast since our giant ikea pot was dead. since i have never used it before i totally freaked out when it smoked a bit when just heating up! apparently this is normal, so don't freak out. oh the joy of being relatively new to cooking. my mother wouldve probably laughed at me. haha. this is all her fault though! for never allowing me in her kitchen i'm left to experiment now that im in my twenties. okay okay enough babble. 

ingredients for two:
  • 1.5 lb (or close) chuck roast
  • 1 large onion (or two medium ones)
  • 6 carrots (if you love carrots add more, i wish i had used more they were so yummy)
  • beef stock (you only need a cup and half)
  • kosher salt
  • pepper (if it's freshly ground it's better!)
  • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary (trust me this is necessary)
  • 3 or 4 sprigs of fresh thyme (if you dont have fresh this one is okay if you use dried)
-follow the steps for Ree Drummond's Perfect Pot Roast Recipe

  • side note: since our meat would  not have fit in my small casserole in one piece, i cut it in half and then seasoned all sides. in the step where Ree says to brown your meat, i browned each piece separately, but once it was time to put it in the casserole i put them side by side and they fit perfectly. 
-you should then have this:

-then put in the oven at 280 degrees for 2 1/2 hours!

i totally forgot to take photos of the mashed potatoes process but next time i make em i will. you will want to try them. it's my moms super fattening recipe so you know it's good. haha. 


  1. This looks sooooooo good! Yay for adventures in the kitchen.

    Alex from

    1. i know right! it's always a gamble in there but thankfully i've not lost too many battles haha

  2. This is making me really, really wish I had more skill when it came to cooking. This is also making me really, really hungry...

    1. girrrrrrrrrl it is ALL about trial and error. at first it's such errors, but those always help you figure out what went wrong! you can do it!

  3. UGH every time I try to make it, it comes out a mess or tasting weird! I'm definitely gonna try it this way :)

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

    1. i hope this works for you!! good luck!! <3

  4. yeah, things tend to um die in a lot of our kitchenwares hahaha. so we're trying to be better about that...

    hahaha when i'm in seattle-area sometime i'll make some kick ass pot roast for you and marc!

    awesome! thanks for the tip!! <3