In Dreams: H&M Series

YOU GUYSSSSSSSS!!! The day has finally arrived. H&M online shop is now live! Okay, i know i live really close to an H&M buuuuut i always hate shopping there because the store is messy, there's never anything left in my size, and the mall gives me creeps so i can't ever stay too long. So this is obviously the better alternative. Not for my wallet obviously. Hahaha. The only downside is that you can't return anything you buy online to the store--you must ship it back and it'll cost ya the shipping. laaaame. but i mean, they're just trying it out right now so i'm sure that it will change later. such a big company--i doubt it would stay the same forever. 

i'm super stoked. i remember senior year of high school when my pal KC and i somehow conned my parents to drive us to San Francisco to visit the arboretum for our AP Bio project and used it as an excuse to shop at the only H&M in California. A year and half after and H&M's were opening up everywhere! H&M is super rad because i find that it's very affordable and everyone can find something there. Especially basics! My boy loves getting shirts there but he wishes he could fit into those pants. I do too, because damn those pants are awesome, but he got a booty so that don't work! hahaha. 

So in celebration i went a little crazy on polyvore and created 7 outfit sets of my favorite items:     

H&M Series 1

H&M Series 2

H&M Series 3

H&M Series 5

H&M Series 6

H&M Series 7

H&M Series 7 by atthisvolume featuring vegan leather handbags

I went a little crazy, i know! Whoops! haha


  1. theyve been online but they didnt have an online shop. so you could view the collections but not purchase anything. now you can purchase the h&m designer collections without waiting in line WOOT!

    oh, boyyyssss. thats all i have to say. haha