Back to School with ThreadSence: Class of Whatever

Also, speaking of lookbooks, you should totally check out the new ThreadSence lookbook: The Class of Whatever.

I had so much fun researching these iconic ladies for the styling team and i'm sure the styling team had a ton of fun styling these looks. So much fun over at TS HQ it doesn't even feel like work!

My faves from this shoot were definitely Penny & Clarissa, duh!

photos shot by: Vu Bui
styling by: Kathleen Bonus


  1. Wait, do you work with Threadsence? How did I not know that?! That's so awesome! Also, does that mean you live in/by Fullerton? Because if you live in Orange County, then I insist on meeting up with you next time I'm home. Enough of me being creep/fangirling/making assumptions about things... this lookbook is the coolest. I love Almost Famous!

    1. I'm interning at TS and im crossing my fingers reeeeeeaaaaallll hard they bring me on board! hehe. & YES i'm in orange county, for now. i'd be so down for a meetup, sounds cool! & omg almost is one of my top three movies!

  2. Replies
    1. yes i totally have to agree, threadsence has the best jewelry! and a lot of the time its suuuuper affordable!