Adventure Time!

you guyssss! sorry i've been a terrible blogger this month. i would be lying if i said life was just's not really. well it is, duh, but nothing truly exciting has been happening as of late. i mean the most exciting thing was probably i've started taking the bus to work--but that's another story for another day. hehe.

honestly, i've been spending my time reading lurking cooking blogs and watching old movies and adventure time. If you haven't seen Adventure Time then i just, i dunno what to do with you. Turn your netflix on and watch some episodes, then we can be friends. haha. last year of college, when adventure time first was on the air, Marc & Mikesauce were watching it all the time and quoting it all the time and i thought they were nuts, until they forced me to watch it and then i became obsessed. pretty soon we were all walking down the halls of the theatre building laughing and quoting Lumpy Space Princess all day. Because you know, that's totally normal for college super seniors. lol.

tee: target, skirt: thrifted (express / similar), backpack: Fjallraven Kanken, boots: thrifted (timberland), necklace: erica weiner, cuff: threadsence (similar), glasses: derek cardigan via coastal, lip color: nars in scarlet empress

Had to pair this of course with my trusty yellow Fjallraven Kanken backpack! Can't go on any adventures without it. It's excellent for music festivals because my pals can always spot me if i get lost haha. i have this silly picture of me creepin on someone with the same backpack as me at Outside Lands two years ago--i'll have to show it to you guys sometime, it's hilarious! By the way, do any of you college graduates feel this affinity towards backpacks now that you've graduated? it's ridiculous, i assumed that maybe once i got older i'd get over backpacks and invest in a real handbag, but i just can't steer away from backpacks. And sometimes it's just weird because it's like well, what do i actually carry in there? I always end up carrying too many books and journals and my computer. And since i downsized to have a tablet with me everywhere i can leave my backpack at home, but noooo i'm still eyeing backpacks like crazy. oh dearrrr
sorry is my nerd showing? hehe. 

i bought  this Finn Mimobot flash drive at work and it's my new favorite thing everrrr. i sure wish we had carried the Princess Bubblegum one instead but ohhhh well. maybe i'll get it one of these days from the internetz. lord knows i dont need it right away, i dont really need a flash drive haha. i mostly needed a new one to transfer powerpoints and moodboards at my internship since i lost my vader flash drive somewhere. i swear to god, now that i'm out of school i find myself always wanting to buy things that really i'd only need/use if i were in school. is this a sign? maybe i should just go back to know, so i can complain about how much i hate it. hahaha. it's a love/hate relationship, it always has been. 

okay i'll shut up about adventure time for now and let me tell you a funny story about this skirt. so i thrifted this skirt back in high school and it was floor length and at the time, just not in fashion. so i cut and hemmed it and then i would just wear it high waisted with a tee shirt tucked in and belted. buuuuut now, i sure wish i hadn't cut it because i really want a black maxi skirt! haha. such is life. 


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